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Glacial Lakes Energy, LLC (GLE) was formed in May 2001 by the Glacial Lakes Corn Processors (GLCP) and Glacial Lakes Capital, LLC (GLC), an investment firm located in Brookings, SD. GLCP is a South Dakota Cooperative comprised of over 4,100 shareholders.

GLCP purchased the ownership held by GLC in July 2004 making GLCP the sole owner of GLE.

Glacial Lakes Energy, LLC Watertown, an original 40 mgy nameplate ethanol production facility, became operational in August 2002. In 2007, the facility was expanded and currently produces 100+ mgy of ethanol per year.

In June 2008, Glacial Lakes Energy – Mina became operational as a 100 mgy ethanol production facility located near Mina, SD. (12 miles west of Aberdeen).

Both facilities were designed by ICM, Inc and built by Fagen, Inc.

GLE also holds a 15% investment in Granite Falls Energy; a production facility, located near Granite Falls, MN and 8% ownership and a board seat in Redfield Energy, LLC, a 50 mgy production facility located near Redfield, SD.

GLE is governed by our 13 Board of Directors who are elected by shareholders from within their district.

Combined, Glacial Lakes Energy…

· Purchases 80+ million bushels of corn per year
· Produces 230+ million gallons of renewable ethanol per year
· Produces 600,000+ tons of feed products/distillers grains per year
· Employs 119 people

Glacial Lakes Energy continues to prove to be successful in the industry by providing economic impact to the agriculture industry, community and its shareholders.

GLE’s Values

Glacial Lakes Energy believes in the principles of servant leadership, which is, helping and supporting each other to build a profitable business. This guiding philosophy requires us to exhibit the following behaviors every hour of every day:

  • Integrity — The quality of having a personal sense of honesty and truthfulness in your words and your actions. Doing what is right, no matter what.
  • Professionalism —The skill, competence, or character expected of a GLE team member. The manner in which you present yourself and GLE.
  • Accountability — An obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for your actions; good or bad.
  • Respect — Treating others as you want them to treat you.
  • Teamwork — Putting aside your individual needs to work towards the larger group objective. We are all on the same team.
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