Glacial Lakes Energy, LLC
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About glacial lakes energy, llc

Glacial Lakes Energy, LLC (GLE) was an original 40 mgy nameplate ethanol production facility which underwent an expansion in 2007 and currently is running at 100+ mgy in Watertown, SD. Glacial Lakes Energy, LLC ethanol plant was formed in May 2001 by the Glacial Lakes Corn Processors (GLCP) and Glacial Lakes Capital, LLC (GLC). GLCP is a South Dakota Cooperative comprised of over 4,000 members. GLE purchased the ownership help by GLC in July 2004. After the transaction, GLCP became the sole owner of GLE.

GLE also is a significant owner of Granite Falls Energy; LLC (GFE) located in Granite Falls, MN. GLE oversaw construction and currently serves as the management team for another 50 mpg plant near Redfield, SD called Redfield Energy, LLC where GLE holds a percent of ownership.

Glacial Lakes Energy is the sole owner of a 100+ mgy ethanol plant near Mina, SD which began operating in June of 2008.

Glacial Lakes Energy, and its subsidiaries, continues to prove to be successful in the industry by continually running above name plate capacity as well as providing economic impact to the agriculture industry, community, and its shareholders.