A Tribute to Orrie Swayze 

On behalf of the shareholders, Board, and employees at Glacial Lakes Energy, we express our deepest sympathy for the loss of our dear friend and passionate advocate, Orrie Swayze.  Orrie stopped by many times over the years to share his thoughts and ideas about higher ethanol blends.  He possessed a tenacious approach and a vision that was always one step ahead of all of us, definitely a thought leader in the world of ethanol and the benefits it would bring to agriculture.  Orrie was very proud to be associated with GLE's highly successful E30 Challenge initiated in 2016.  He possessed an admirable, never ending concern for children and especially the harmful effects that toxic fuel additives have on them.  South Dakota agriculture needs more Orrie Swayze's...RIP Orrie, we'll take it from here...


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