Glacial Lakes Energy, LLC
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freight incentive

As a price incentive for members we have established a freight schedule for actual deliveries of committed bushels.            

Freight will be calculated and paid on member’s committed bushels based upon the origination point at time of delivery. GLE management reserves the right to review freight incentives at their discretion and are subject to change or be modified by the Board of Directors and/or management with or without notice.

Availability of freight on equivalent committed bushels for newly purchased shares (buyers option) but not required since pool fee is paid by the seller at time of sale.

Freight incentives will be paid on actual deliveries of your corn commitment and have been slightly modified.  Bushels delivered in excess of your corn commitment will not be eligible for the freight incentive.  Shareholders have the opportunity to deliver their corn commitment to one of our four facilities: Watertown, Mina, Aberdeen, and/or Huron whichever is most convenient for you. 

FREIGHT RATES (Aberdeen, Mina & Watertown):                                                                          
The freight rate in effect from September 1, 2023 thru August 31, 2024, for corn delivered to our Aberdeen, Mina and/or Watertown facilities is:

0-10 miles                $0.04
11-20 miles              $0.06
21-30 miles              $0.08
31-40 miles              $0.10
41-50 miles              $0.12
51-60 miles              $0.13
61-70 miles              $0.15
71-80 miles              $0.17
81-90 miles              $0.19
91-100 miles            $0.21
101+ miles               $0.23

FREIGHT RATES (Huron ONLY):                                                                                                        
The freight rate in effect from September 1, 2023 thru August 31, 2024, for corn delivered to our Huron facility is:

0-10 miles                $0.02
11-20 miles              $0.03
21+ miles                 $0.04

To contract corn for delivery at one of our GLE facilities, please contact the following:

Aberdeen Commodities Team at 605-225-9900
Huron Agtegra Cooperative at 605-352-4390
Mina Commodities Team at 605-225-9900
Watertown Commodities Team at 605-882-8480

If you have any questions, please contact Marcy Kohl or Penni Tuttle at 605-882-8480.