Glacial Lakes Energy, LLC
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pool system for pool delivery

A pool system is available to assist members to meet their corn delivery obligations to GLCP/GLE. A pool system is intended to provide a centralized corn supply for those members who will not be actually delivering their committed bushels for basis and transportation considerations. The member meets its delivery obligations to GLCP/GLE by directing the pool to procure on the member’s behalf and to deliver the corn delivered pursuant to the pool. In this way, the pool is acting as the agent of the member to procure corn on the member’s behalf. The pool fee for fiscal year September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2024 has been established at $0.008 per bushel committed.

A shareholder that sells (“Seller”) their shares will be charged the pool fee on any undelivered committed bushels sold.  The Buyer does not deliver on their committed bushels until the following fiscal year.

The Board and Management reserves the right to modify the GLCP Corn Procurement Policy.