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Related party transfers

Related Party Transfers will be handled on an individual basis by the GLCP office. A "Related Party Transfer" includes:

The Buyers (person to whom stock is being transferred must be one of the following: (a) the spouse, parent, child or spouse of child, grand  or spouse of a grandchild, brother or sister, or spouse of  brother or sister of Seller; (b) a general partnership or family farm corporation or other family farm entity in which Seller is a partner, shareholder or owner (and no consideration has recently been paid into the entity in anticipation of such transfer by a person not otherwise described in (a), (c) or (d) of this section; (c) a trust in which Seller is a grantor, trustee, or beneficiary; or (d) partnership of which Seller is a partner.

The GLCP office will also handle the transferring of shares in the event of a member's passing.

For more information and to obtain the necessary paperwork, please contact the GLCP office at 605-882-8480 or