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Distillers Grains

A principal co-product of the ethanol production process are distillers grains which is the product remaining after the ethanol is removed from the fermented corn mash. Distiller's grains are the non-fermentable components of the corn and are rich in cereal proteins, fat (energy), making it a high-protein, high-energy animal feed supplement marketed to the dairy, beef, swine & poultry industries.

The two varieties of feed are 'modified wet' distillers grains which is a cake like product yellow in color with a 50% moisture content and has approximately a two week storage life. The other is 'dried distillers' grains (DDG) made by drying wet distillers grains through a dryer to remove most of the moisture. DDG's are free-flowing granular product that is yellow/tan in color with a uniform moisture of 8-10% and has a long storage life.

Distillers grains has a long history of being recognized as a highly nutritious animal feed ingredient. Its outstanding features are:

  • Higher Protein & Nutrient Quality
  • Concentrated Fat & Energy Levels
  • Highly Digestible
  • Easy to ration for better feed intakes
  • More total phosphorus with less environmental impact
  • Cost Effective

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Hormone Usage in Our Products

Distillers Sales Contact:
Rich Zeller, DDG Sales Manger
301 20th Avenue SE
Watertown, SD 57201

(605) 882-8480 or (605) 695-6315 (direct)