Glacial Lakes Energy, LLC
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Tour the Facility

Glacial Lakes Energy, LLC will offer tours of the facility at Watertown and Mina to the public in order to promote positive public relations, generate curiosity, and increase public awareness and support.
Tours will be given according to a pre-set schedule established by management and are limited to 20 people.  Random requests will be directed to fit into this schedule to the extent possible.
Hardhats will not be required for tours however safety glasses will be which GLE will provide.
All tour groups and/or individuals touring the facilities will need to abide by the “Guidelines for Visitors and Tours” as well as signing the “Visitors & Tours Release and Waiver of Liability” form prior to the tour.
GLE reserves the right to deny a tour(s) without reason.  Unique requests will be at the discretion of the CEO, Director of Operations, and/or EHS Manager.
To schedule a tour please contact:
Watertown:  Marcy Kohl
Mina:             Sue Hoyle